Ly Evathyna and Nam Bunnaroath is in accident in Sihanouk Ville

According to the Ms. Thyna and Mr. Bunnaroath is in the care during the accident in Sihanouk Ville, Ms. Thyna doesn't receive any serious injury, however Mr. Bunnaroath has been hospitalize due broken arm and leg.

Facebook star KoKo now create her own page

Yashaki KoKo Saranghae is a very well known Facebook Star, after received too many friend request and her personal profile reach 5000 friends, she decided to move everything to her new page which is

Chhaly Dalen is very busy for international performance and ignore local appearance

According to LookingToday feature article said: Chhaly Dalen give phone interview and claim that she is very busy with International appearance and ignore local program which make her very less appearance and some event said she is afraid.

Ith Setha denied rumors that his wife asking for divorce

According to said Ith Setha the famous TV Host for CTN denied the rumor claim that his wife that married for 13 years has file the law suit for divorcing.